Jet Pumps

At Shiloh Water Systems, we are proud to be the premier provider of water filtration system installation and repairs in Oregon. Our skillful technicians have decades of combined experience working with various water systems Portland Water Filtration Systems and water problems. Our knowledgeable technicians attend training sessions every year to help further their education and keep up with the latest trends in water system technology.

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One thing that we specialize in at Shiloh Water Systems is installing and maintaining custom water pumps. We have a deep understanding of water pump systems, and we are proficient at finding a pump that best fits your specific water demands. Oftentimes when a small, shallow well is involved, a jet pump is the best solution. Jet pumps rely on atmospheric pressure to function, and as a result, they are typically only used for wells that are no deeper than 25 feet. Jet pumps work by creating a vacuum. They force water through a small opening, called a jet, which creates a pressure imbalance. The pressure imbalance creates a suction force that “pulls” water up to the surface. We carry an assortment of top quality jet pumps, and we have the skills and expertise to install them for you. We can install a water system in your home that is efficient and reliable.

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