MACguard® Filter

Superior Filtration

The MACguard® Filter is an excellent choice when you want to eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors while improving the quality of your water. Your water chemistry will determine which of the two models is right for you.

  • Filter Life Indicator

    The PureMometer® filter life indicator shows you how much of your 500-gallon filter capacity remains. When a filter change is necessary, the system alerts you by reducing the flow of water from the faucet.

Mac Guard Filter System

  • Compact Design

    The MACguard® Filter doesn’t take up precious counter or refrigerator space, or attach clumsily to your faucet. It fits and operates conveniently out of the way”under your sink or from some other location. Plus, it includes a dedicated, lead-free faucet for dispensing its refreshing filtered water.

  • Quick Disconnect Filter

    Changing the filter is quick, clean and easy with Kinetico’s unique design. Just a quick twist is all it takes to install a new filter.

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