Drinking Water Purification

We are committed to keeping our customer’s drinking water as pure and clean as possible. We provide the best water purification Oregon has to offer, and are trained to handle just about any water problem out there. We carry a number of different purification and water filtration products that can quickly and effectively purify your drinking water.

Water purification is the process of ridding your water of harmful chemicals and biological contaminants to make it optimal for drinking. There are many different things that can negatively affect the purity of your home’s drinking water. Microbial pathogens can get into your water supply when it is contaminated with sewage and animal feces, potentially causing illnesses and diseases. Another dangerous water contaminant is inorganic material, such as barium, chromium, lead, mercury and silver. Once we have identified the contaminants in your water supply, we can install a water system that will safely remove it. We offer whole house water filters that can effectively purify the drinking water in your entire home.

We are adept at purifying water, but that is not all that we do. We can install water pumps, storage tanks, water softening systems and much more. We can also provide maintenance and repairs on your water systems. Contact us by phone or online to get in touch with one of our certified specialists.

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With our water purification service, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your water is clean and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

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